Fabric Rugs: A Zenful Distraction

I usually design and make clothes and handbags, which I’ll get to soon enough. This past week I once again purged some boxes of color-separated scraps by making rugs. A nice distraction, relaxing and focused, plus I got to work on my skills with color …. which I lack. Currently in the works is a basket. I want to practice my how-to-make-it narrative skills, so even though plenty of others have written and posted their own instructions, I’ll do my version.

Will I sell these? Maybe, but odds are good ALL family members will see them as Christmas gifts. 


Orange and blue basis


Orange and blue; batik; blue

Basket, not the best color combinations, but it’s practice of the technique:

Pink and green

What did I watch on the iPad while I worked? A couple horror/suspense movies on Netflix I can’t remember well enough not to recommend; “Bates Motel” finale; “60 Days In”; several mid-series episodes of “The Office” which I watch again and again and laugh just the same. 

…. oh yes, these projects did take a long time. 


First of More

Everyone else does it, why shouldn’t I?

Today I finished up the first round of a new project (details to come) so I figure I’d start yet another distraction, writing a blog. My plan is to give pictures and details of projects and techniques, hopefully helping someone. I’ll probably show some of my original designs here and there. I’d love to share the art and design of other people that I use as inspiration, too.

None of that is really different from what others do, but maybe my presentation will resonate with someone else, maybe someone will understand my need to sometimes give way too many details, maybe just one person out there will appreciate knowing what tv show I like to stream as I work.

So, yeah, everyone else writes a blog, maybe I should, too.