Mesej Bags

I am not a minimalist. Far from it. I like buying stuff and I like having stuff. 

The one thing I go minimal with is my purse. The smaller the better. I’ve never been one to keep “just in case” items in it for myself and others. If I do, I can never find what I actually need each and every time: keys, money, ID, lipstick, phone.

THIS bag is all that. It keeps me from collecting every receipt, pen, tissue and melted piece of candy. I designed it to keep the clutter minimal. As small as it may seem, you can fit the REAL necessities inside and easily see what needs to go.

Mesaj bag, $42

Mesaj bag, $42

Need a little more room? The Major Mesej has plenty. Diaper bag? This one is great for men and women to carry around even after the little one doesn’t need it. Use the Major Mesej or request a custom-feature bag that can be larger and with more pockets and other functional features.

Major Mesaj bag, $56-$72; also available as a diaper bag, $72 and up

Adjustable strap for cross-body or single-shoulder wear. Pockets and more pockets. Plenty to choose from with new ones added all the time.
Please contact me with questions or ordering options. 


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