Coiled Rugs and Baskets and Bowls (UPDATE)

Once again, I look back to some of my favorite 70’s styles.
I remember a gorgeous hideous gold and brown coiled rug in the dining room. Each table leg eventually found its way between the cords, defeating the purpose of protecting the hardwood floor. The chairs always got caught, too, eventually pulling apart the coils near the edge, never to be repaired because it weighed too much to pick up and mend. I’m sure my bored and curious self tempted the tears further when I regularly camped out under the dining table with the family dog.

When I’m faced with my collection of lovely fabrics that haven’t yet found their purpose, something like this inevitably happens. No, its not my original idea or technique, yet each one is unique in it’s creation.

Here you will find my current inventory of coiled designs (as of September 5, 2017.) Unless otherwise noted, it’s all available for purchase. Please contact me for information on where and how to purchase, pricing, shipping charges and custom orders. Not shown (yet) are baskets with handles, similar to the medium bowl, but versitile as a basket or a tote bag. 

Coiled rugs: 24″; get them now before they become my parents’ Christmas gifts; other sizes, shapes and colors available

Small coiled bowls: 6″ diameter; many colors, shapes and sizes available

Medium bowl; 7″ high, 10″ diameter


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