Art Walk, April 2017

This was a fun sale. Aside from freezing after the sun went down, we met so many people who were excited about our work. 

My latest long skirts are:

Long, full skirts, spring 2017; try NOT swinging and swaying as you glide along in one of these

My absolutely favorite dress right now is waiting for the right owner. Everyone loves it, but women are intimidated by it, if you can believe it! Afraid it’s too form-fitting, too fancy, too attention-getting. 

And the problem with all that is???

Red/black lace dress, spring 2017; you’d be surprised how good this looks on a variety of shapes and sizes, just be ready for compliments

Red/black lace dress, top/front detail,spring 2017

Red/black lace dress, sleeve detail, spring 2017; now THAT’S a sleeve!

I really need to replenish my handbag selection. I’ve got a lot of nice new fabrics all set to go, just need to sit and sew. The latest ones are:

Mesej Bags, spring 2017

Really trying to make as much of a mini-collection as possible. I can’t say the bags actually go with the clothes (a bit too casual,) but the colors I’m working with all belong together. The actual mini-collection will happen sooner or later …. one can dream!

My son, sixteen years old, works his own table at these events. He got a little discouraged at first, but then he realized it’s all about getting feedback, gaining exposure meeting new people who want to help his business. 

Here’s a glimpse at his work:

Semper, spring 2017; the Artist … my favorite artist, as a matter of fact

Still working on display techniques (creative and cheap suggestions are welcome!) He hates when I show his handsome face in pictures. He goes by the artist name Semper and you can see more of his work at

Later this week: a trip to my favorite fabric store! I don’t NEED fabric, but I HAVE to buy it. You know what I mean. 


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