Fabric Rugs: A Zenful Distraction

I usually design and make clothes and handbags, which I’ll get to soon enough. This past week I once again purged some boxes of color-separated scraps by making rugs. A nice distraction, relaxing and focused, plus I got to work on my skills with color …. which I lack. Currently in the works is a basket. I want to practice my how-to-make-it narrative skills, so even though plenty of others have written and posted their own instructions, I’ll do my version.

Will I sell these? Maybe, but odds are good ALL family members will see them as Christmas gifts. 


Orange and blue basis


Orange and blue; batik; blue

Basket, not the best color combinations, but it’s practice of the technique:

Pink and green

What did I watch on the iPad while I worked? A couple horror/suspense movies on Netflix I can’t remember well enough not to recommend; “Bates Motel” finale; “60 Days In”; several mid-series episodes of “The Office” which I watch again and again and laugh just the same. 

…. oh yes, these projects did take a long time. 


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